Behind Bars: Philippines – CIW: Locked Up Ladies | World’s Toughest Prisons

Jun 8, 2023 | Crime, Drugs, People, Social, Videos

The Correctional Institution for Women, located in the Philippines and established in 1931, is home to almost three times more inmates than its original capacity of 1,000 Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs). This female-only prison is packed with women from all walks of life, including petty criminals, drug dealers, murderers, and gang members. With such an overwhelming number of inmates under its wing – a small force of correction officers is tasked with keeping order in the prison walls – it’s not surprising that the guards rely on strict rules as their main means of control.

The extensive compound houses numerous buildings which are equipped with basic amenities such as bedrooms and living quarters – often referred to as “dorms”. Aside from everyday PDLs, the facility also holds what they call ‘High Value’ PDLs. In this male-dominated environment where only dozens of guards have to monitor thousands of prisoners – who move freely during the day – ingenuity was put into place to help keep control. This includes enlisting privileged inmates who have been given permission to punish other inmates who don’t abide by prison rules.

Behind Bars: Women’s Prison offers a unique look into life within these walls through interviews with both prisoners and staff members. It reveals how human beings can survive within these difficult conditions and sheds light on the struggles faced by those incarcerated inside this complex system. For anyone curious about how life works behind bars, it is essential viewing that will open your eyes to a world you may never have seen before.

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