Be a Predator: Polar Bear vs. Leopard Seals

May 19, 2023 | Animals, Social, Videos

Mirages are common sights in the arctic, and no creature is as well equipped to survive in this unforgiving climate than the polar bear. We understand their strength and resilience through their ability to inhale the frozen air and smell a seal hidden beneath a thin layer of snow. With just a few steps and paw swipes, they can uncover a young ringed seal snack – something that would be an impossible feat for most animals.

Underneath the ice shelf, belugas are on the hunt for halibut in their tridimensional environment. But unlike other whales, these ghost hunters communicate with each other through clicking and chattering from kilometres away. Leopard seals, on the other hand, hunt much more silently – relying on both their excellent sight and knowledge of their prey’s habits to ensure success.

The documentary “Life at the Pole: Predators” follows these predators throughout their year-long journey through this hostile landscape. From belugas hunting halibut to leopard seals tracking down penguins, you’ll get up close with some of the planet’s rarest wildlife as they adapt to survive in extreme conditions. You’ll have an opportunity to learn about how each species interacts with its environment and what it takes for them to thrive in such harsh climates – all from your own living room!

From stunning cinematography to insightful narration, this documentary is sure to captivate any viewer looking for an immersive experience into one of Earth’s last untouched frontiers. If you’re looking for an unforgettable glimpse into our planet’s diverse wildlife population, then “Life at the Pole: Predators” is definitely worth your time!

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David B