Attenborough and the Empire of the Ants

Jul 7, 2023 | Nature, Science, Videos

In the Jura Mountains, located on the French-Swiss border, David Attenborough takes us on a journey to uncover the secrets of a hidden giant. As he explores the area in winter, with the ground frozen solid for months, strange mounds begin to emerge from the ground. These mysterious mounds are evidence of a fantastic network of tunnels and chambers that lies beneath – a vast empire built by wood ants.

It is believed that this incredible network is one of the largest animal societies in the world, with over a billion ants living in harmony despite being composed of many different colonies. This peaceful existence leads to many questions about ant behaviour and evolution which Attenborough attempts to answer in his documentary.

From exploring how these ants communicate and organize themselves within their own society, to looking at how this incredible structure has managed to survive despite all odds, viewers will be mesmerized by this insight into an astounding natural marvel. With never-before-seen footage and insightful interviews, Attenborough sheds light on one of nature’s greatest mysteries – an important yet often overlooked topic.

For anyone interested in biology or ecology, this documentary is a must-watch. Here viewers can learn more about these remarkable creatures and their intricate societies while witnessing stunning scenery along the way. By delving deeper into this fascinating topic with David Attenborough’s guidance, viewers can gain an appreciation for one of our planet’s most remarkable creations.

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