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Did you know that there are millions of ants living in colonies all over the world? These tiny creatures play an important role in the environment and have a complex social structure. Within each colony, you can find three types of ants: queens, males, and female workers. The queen is responsible for laying eggs while the male’s job is to mate with future queens before dying soon afterwards. Moreover, soldier ants guard their colony against intruders in search of nesting space or food. Learning about these fascinating insects gives us insight into our own societies and how we interact with one another on a daily basis. This article will explore different documentaries about ants to help develop your appreciation for these incredible creatures!


Ants! – Nature’s Secret Power (2004)

Ants are truly fascinating creatures that have been around for millions of years. They are small in size, but their collective power is unmatched in the animal kingdom. As social insects, they live together in highly organized colonies where each individual has a specific role to play.






Fire Ants: The Invincible Army (2022)

The world’s most destructive species, the fire ants, have plagued our planet for centuries. Through this captivating documentary, we unravel their secrets of survival and delve into revolutionary scientific approaches to mitigate their impact.






Grasshoppers and Ants (2018)

The story of La Fontaine is a timeless classic that teaches us the value of hard work and preparation. In a world where instant gratification is often the norm, we are reminded through this fable that success comes to those who diligently plan and execute their goals.






David Attenborough’s Ant Mountain (2017)

David Attenborough embarks on a journey to the majestic Jura Mountains, nestled in the Swiss Alps. His mission: to uncover the secrets of an incredible society unlike any other.




Green Tree Ants: Friend Or Foe? (2019)

Amidst the lush rainforests of the tropics, a unique army of half a million awaits their call to arms. With nimble bodies perched atop swaying branches, these soldiers communicate through chemical signals, expertly navigating through battles and delivering lethal stings to conquer their enemies.






E.O. Wilson – Of Ants and Men (2015)

Join us on a captivating voyage through the extraordinary life and revolutionary concepts of biologist E.O Wilson. As we delve into his extensive research on insects, human nature, and social behavior, you’ll discover why he is hailed as a pioneer in the field of sociobiology.







The Best Free Documentaries about Ants


1. The Insane Biology of: Ant Colonies

From the deserts of Africa to the rainforests of South America, ants have colonized almost every landmass on earth. These tiny creatures are some of the most successful living organisms in history. Despite their small size, they possess an impressive level of organization and planning that makes them truly remarkable. This article explores how ant colonies work and why these insects can be considered one of nature’s most incredible phenomena. We’ll look at how each ant contributes to its colony, from sacrificing its own life to save the group to constructing complex networks for food storage and transportation. Dive into this fascinating world and discover why ants continue to astound us with their insane biology!


2. Planet Ant – Life Inside The Colony – BBC

Have you ever been curious about the mysterious world of ant colonies? Then this documentary is perfect for you! Join renowned entomologist, Dr. George McGavin and leaf cutter expert Professor Adam Hart as they explore a million-strong colony of leaf cutter ants from Trinidad. Using time-lapse cameras, microscopes, microphones and radio tracking technology they uncover fascinating facts about the collective organization of these tiny insects that can help global solutions. This remarkable journey will take viewers to new heights as it reveals the inner workings of an incredible ant nest specially designed with cameras in mind – don’t miss out on this exploration!


3. iller Ants of Amazon Forest

The Amazon Rainforest is home to a number of creatures, but none are more feared than the army ants. These insects have an insatiable appetite for their prey and will often storm through areas in search of food. They can quickly chop up any unfortunate animal that gets in their way, carrying the remains back to their nest afterwards. When they eventually run out of food at one location, these ants go on a massive migration in order to find a new place for themselves while protecting their queen. This documentary takes you into the unknown world of army ants and offers an insight into how they operate within the depths of the Amazon Forest!


4. Empire of the Ants

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the vast empire of ants? This documentary takes us to the Swiss Jura Mountains, where David Attenborough uncovers a huge network of tunnels and channels. Here we find an impressive ant society that is home to over a billion ants! Join us as we explore this incredible animal kingdom in Empire of the Ants – Documentaries about Ants.


5. Army Ants

Let’s explore the fascinating world of Army Ants! This National Geographic BBC Wildlife documentary provides an insightful look into one of nature’s most aggressive predators. Learn how these incredible creatures survive by foraging in groups, and discover the roles played by each ant within a colony. Witness their relentless movement over time as they search for food and navigate different environments – all without constructing permanent nests. Don’t miss out on this amazing journey!


6. The Largest Civilization in The World

Are you curious about the world’s largest civilization? You won’t believe it, but it’s not humans – it’s ants! In this video, take a deep dive to discover the amazing secrets of these tiny creatures. Find out how many ants there are on Earth and their total weight. Learn how they practice agriculture and create social orders with hierarchies and professions. Discover why their society resembles human civilization in some ways and even more shocking facts that will surprise you! Get ready to explore the incredible world of ants in this fascinating video!


7. What Are Ants

Ant societies have division of labour, communication between individuals, and an ability to solve complex problems. These parallels with human societies have long been an inspiration and subject of study. Many human cultures make use of ants in cuisine, medication, and rites. Some species are valued in their role as biological pest control agents. Their ability to exploit resources may bring ants into conflict with humans, however, as they can damage crops and invade buildings. Some species, such as the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) of South America, are regarded as invasive species in other parts of the world, establishing themselves in areas where they have been introduced accidentally.


8. Weaver Ants – The Guardians of the Canopy

Weaver Ants are the guardians of the canopy, and this original documentary takes you to tropical Northern Queensland to explore their fascinating world. From their large colonies built up in the trees from leaves, to their brutal tactics when capturing prey, these ants have an array of impressive skills that will leave you amazed. Watch as they construct ant bridges for traversing their environment and farm mealybugs and aphids for sweet honeydew. This is a must-see film about Weaver Ants!


9. Searching for the Legendary Blue Ants

Ever heard of the legendary blue ants of Mt. Banahaw’s rainforest? I set out to find them and what a journey it was! From the multitude of creatures and plants to even having a supernatural experience, this documentary captures my adventure in 4K Ultra HD resolution. Follow me as I search for these elusive blue ants – you won’t regret it! Ant love forever!


10. Meat Ants – The Kickboxing Ants From Down Under

An original documentary on Australia’s iconic “Meat Ants” (Iridomyrmex purpureus), also known as “Rainbow Ants”. From their massive colonies and nest structures, to their fierce ability to overwhelm their victims, to the way they kickbox to resolve conflict, to their avid farming of leafhoppers and aphids…Meat ants are some very fascinating ants indeed!


11. My New BULLET ANT Colony

Introducing my new bullet ant colony! I have the Asian Bullet Ants, scientifically known as Diacamma rugosum. To ensure that this colony will not die out and to keep its line of gamergates (the mated egg-laying worker of the colony) going on forever, I decided to use an AC Ant Tower, Hybrid Nest 2.0, and AC Outworlds – a neat biological experiment! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution so you can observe every detail of this amazing project. Join me on this journey and discover what it takes to make sure these ants love forever!

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