Atmosphere: Earth, The Power of the Planet

Jul 6, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The BBC series, Earth: The Power of the Planet, narrated by Dr. Iain Stewart, has captivated audiences worldwide with its exploration of how the planet we all call home came to be formed. Through stunning visuals and gripping narrative, viewers are treated to a journey through 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history, discovering how the four great forces that shape our planet—volcanoes, the ocean, the atmosphere and ice—have changed over time and continue to influence our planet today.

Using CGI and satellite imagery to transport us through time and space, this Emmy-winning documentary series reveals new views of Earth that have never before been seen. Time-lapse filming brings each episode to life in vivid detail as it chronicles how volcanoes can create new landmasses or alter climates; how oceans affect weather patterns; how atmospheric changes impact humanity; and why preserved ice tells us so much about our planet’s past.

Dr. Stewart argues in the final episode that Earth is an exceptionally rare kind of planet and encourages viewers to consider their responsibility in caring for the unique world we inhabit. With informative facts intertwined throughout dramatic visuals, this groundbreaking series shows us an array of fascinating insights into our planet in ways we have never witnessed before.

Earth: The Power of the Planet is a thought-provoking experience unlike any other – one that has received countless awards for its innovation and continues to astound audiences today with its captivating story about our home between Heaven and Hell – our beautiful blue marble in space known as Earth! So don’t wait another second – watch Earth: The Power of the Planet now!

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David B