ATHENE: A Gamers Life

Oct 29, 2022 | Gaming, Videos

Bachir Boumaaza or also called ATHENE is a social activist from Belgium and one of the most popular YouTube personalities and a dedicated gamer. His YouTube channel called AtheneWins, which had over 700,000 subscribers and over 430,000,000 views over the videos.

His relatives thought that he was prodigy and he basically will achieve all the things he want, which he actually did. He started a simple YouTube channel and he was trying to collect as many followers as possible so he could actually send a message to society. His weapon was World of Warcraft, he decided to become the best player on WoW and after some time he did achieve that, he accumulated tons of subscribers and people started watching his videos and listening to him. The finances for this projects future he gathered alone by playing online poker while his other two co-workers and friends continued to work.

Few years after he decided to make a serious project to make a charity program to save the children in Africa via, his plan was to accumulate 100.000.000 dollars over 100 days. He managed to make 10.000 dollars a day via streaming 24-7 video games and motivational videos, so in 2012 at the DreamHack Summer in Sweden he was a guest and while he was talking to the audience his project GamingForGood managed to collect that amount and donated to Africa.

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Riyan H.