Assassination in Minsk — a witness speaks out

Aug 4, 2023 | Crime, Political, Social, Videos

For years, rumors have swirled about the brutal assassination of three prominent members of the opposition in Belarus. But for the first time, a former elite soldier has come forward with insider knowledge of the crime. In a stunning exclusive interview with DW, this key witness depicts the precise sequence of events, from the kidnappings to the disposal of the bodies, and names the culprits responsible for the murders.
The witness’s testimony leaves little doubt that, in 1999, government agencies in Minsk brutally eliminated the leaders of the opposition. The documentary, Assassination in Minsk – A Witness Speaks Out, delves into the ramifications of this explosive revelation. How will the relatives of the deceased respond to the disclosure? What does it mean for the already tense relationship between Belarus and Europe? And what is it like to live with such dark secrets and guilt? This is a shocking and revealing account of a true crime that shook Belarus to its core.

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David B