Artist’s Block – Short Documentary

Dec 20, 2022 | Art, Videos

Lexi Rianne, a 22-year-old whom recently graduated from York University’s Art Program utilizes art as a form of therapy. Ever since she was a little girl, she has started to pick up paints and drawing on paper. Lexi has known art her whole life.
Whereas some of us were forced to try visual arts in elementary school, she has dedicated her life’s work on the art. Many forms of art are considered an outlet for stress and a vehicle for dealing with hardships in life.
Lexi struggles with anxiety and her outlet is visual art. Motivated by today’s social problems and lack of art of subjects of color, Lexi takes her frustration and turns it into voices of many people who lack or cannot communicate for themselves.
She paints subjects, mostly portraiture and of people, in locations that seem dream-like. Her art comprises of many women of color, the identity of the female body, the spiritual, and nature. Her goal is to inspire others to be more “woke” (aware) of the social issues that arise today.
Whether it be race relations or the environment being polluted, she explores these issues within her art.

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Riyan H.