Are you a psychopath?

Apr 24, 2023 | Health, People, Social, Videos

Documentary lovers, have you ever been curious about one of the most sensationalised mental conditions that’s been the subject of endless Hollywood movies? In “Psychopathy: The Hidden Personality Disorder,” viewers are taken on a journey to understand a side of the psychopathic personality that isn’t all about murder and mayhem.

Tackling the complexities of the disorder and highlighting the prevalence of psychopathic traits among the population, the documentary expands on the psychopathy checklist and delves into the diagnosis and treatment of successful psychopaths living functioning lives. Are you curious about how to protect yourself from potentially dangerous psychopaths, and want to know how to identify harmless ones? This documentary unpacks the mystery of psychopathy, a personality disorder that affects approximately one to two percent of the world’s population, shedding light on the marvels of modern science and knowledge, that might help us navigate the intricacies of humanity.

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David B