Are There More Than Three Dimensions?

Jul 13, 2023 | Science, Videos

The world we live in is full of mysteries and secrets that have yet to be revealed. For centuries, scientists have only been able to identify three dimensions that exist in our universe: length, width, and height. But the 20th century saw an expansion of this idea as Hermann Minkowski and Albert Einstein connected it with a fourth dimension, time. This concept formed the basis of special relativity and helped explain some phenomena such as gravity.

However, despite these breakthroughs, there was still something missing. Scientists began exploring higher dimensions beyond the four already established ones to try to fully understand the laws governing our universe. In the 1970s string theory went beyond four dimensions and proposed up to eleven dimensions and multiple universes— each one with its own three-dimensional membrane. The Calibi-Yau Manifolds are geometries from which these membranes derive their shape.

Nowadays, many theories suggest that there may have been higher dimensional universes before ours but they were destroyed by cosmic collisions resulting in our remaining three-dimensional brane being untouched — hence why we experience only three spatial dimensions. To learn more about this fascinating subject and discover what realms of possibilities could exist beyond our current understanding of physics, watch ‘The Hidden Dimensions’ documentary available on YouTube. This captivating film explores cutting-edge research into higher dimensional universes and features interviews with some of the greatest minds in physics today who share their thoughts on these revolutionary ideas about our universe’s true nature.

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David B