Antarctica: A message from another planet

Jun 9, 2023 | Nature, Social, Videos

Antarctica is a region full of mystery, intrigue, and boundless beauty. It’s also the stage of a complex, high-stakes game of poker, with billions of dollars in resources at stake. In a world where tensions between major powers often simmer beneath the surface, the question arises: can Antarctica truly be seen as a model for peaceful international collaboration, or will the competition lead to a catastrophic conflict?
A captivating new documentary delves into these complicated issues, combining eye-opening interviews with researchers, activists, diplomats, and military personnel from Spain, Russia, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, and the United States with stunning imagery of the awe-inspiring Antarctic landscape. What’s more, the film features a stirring original soundtrack by Javier Weyler, the former drummer of the Welsh rock sensation, the Stereophonics. Discover the truth about the battle being waged beneath the Antarctic ice, and whether the dream of peaceful coexistence in this age of geopolitical tension is doomed to remain just that – a dream.

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David B