Animals Like Us : Animal Play – Wildlife Documentary

Jul 21, 2023 | Animals, Videos

The importance of play to development is a fascinating yet complex subject. From the simplest form of play among young animals and children, to the more sophisticated form displayed by adults, it is clear that play serves an important purpose in our lives. For many years, research has sought to understand the role of play in animal behavior, and now new evidence suggests that animal play is surprisingly similar to human play.

This interdisciplinary documentary sheds light on this intriguing topic, exploring why animals indulge in such seemingly wasteful activities, and what benefits they gain from these interactions. With vivid observations of social, locomotor and object-based behavior among reptiles, birds and mammals alike, we can start to appreciate the incredible complexity of animal play. Moreover, the documentary reveals some unexpected parallels between human and animal behavior: just as humans deprived of adequate playtime may develop into dysfunctional adults or even serial killers, so too do animals whose opportunities for playful interaction are limited by circumstance or circumstance beyond their control.

For anyone interested in learning more about why play is so essential for psychological well-being and physical development – both for people and animals – this documentary provides essential insights into this captivating subject matter. Through its engaging exploration of animal behavior in all its forms, viewers will gain a newfound appreciation of the invaluable role that playful interactions have on our lives – both human and nonhuman alike! So if you’re curious to learn more about why we need to embrace our innate desire for playful activity – don’t miss out on watching this thought-provoking documentary!

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David B