Animals Like Us – Animal Medecine

Jul 13, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Animals Like Us is an incredibly moving and enlightening documentary about the relationship between humans and animals. With interviews from an array of experts in animal medicine, the film delves into the notion that humans are not the only species capable of empathy and emotion — animals, too, share our capacity to love, feel pain and sorrow, form relationships with one another, and show compassion.

The film features interviews with leading vets, zoologists and other animal experts who explain how animals are more similar to us than we think. We get an insight into their lives — from their unique personalities to their desire for companionship — which reveal that they possess many qualities that so often define us as humans. The footage is interspersed with beautiful cinematography of wild animals in their natural habitats as well as interviews with inspiring people who have devoted themselves to animal welfare.

Animals Like Us will make you laugh on some occasions and bring tears to your eyes on others – it’s a captivating exploration of the bond between man and beast like no other. If you have ever wondered about the nature of animal life or thought there was something more behind those big brown eyes staring back at you – then this documentary is for you! By watching this film, viewers can gain a greater appreciation for animals and learn how each species has its own special story to tell – one that should be heard by all.

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David B