Animal Pharm: Food For Thought

Jul 5, 2023 | Nature, Videos

Animal Pharm: Food for Thought is a thought-provoking documentary that delves into the murky waters of genetic engineering and its influence on our food supply. Through a series of interviews, case studies and personal anecdotes, the film examines both sides of this complex debate to explore the practical and ethical implications posed by this emerging technology.

Olivia Judson, a biologist with an intimate knowledge of genetics, provides an impassioned argument for continued exploration in this controversial field. She explains how humans have been manipulating foods for thousands of years – from changing the color of carrots to creating pink grapefruit to taming once poisonous potatoes. Furthermore, she argues that genetic engineering has the ability to create more efficient animal breeds which suffer fewer health problems and yield more appealing products.

Giles Coren, journalist and organic food enthusiast, offers an equally compelling argument against further interference with nature’s intricate balance. He believes that the planet already provides enough food for humanity without needing any manipulation or tinkering with genetics. He also warns about potential long-term health consequences associated with artificial alteration beyond just offering improved taste or texture.

The documentary takes viewers on a journey through various operations around the world where the most ambitious experiments are taking place – from chickens bred without feathers to rabbits that glow in the dark to championship racehorses created through genetically altered sperm to rice that could help rid vitamin A deficiency from entire populations. While some may see these practices as cause for celebration, others may find them alarming or even dangerous.

Ultimately, Animal Pharm: Food for Thought is an enlightening overview of a subject that deserves deeper consideration than just being dismissed as either good or bad. By presenting both sides of this complex argument in such an evenhanded manner, it encourages viewers to make up their own minds about whether they support such practices or not. It is worth watching for anyone interested in learning more about how genetic engineering is changing our relationship with food forever.

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David B