Ancient Babylon - The Bible's Buried Secrets

  • Published 6 years ago
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Was the fame tower of Babel real? The Bible holds many Intriguing references to technology, one of which is about the tower of Babel.

Did David really killed Goliath? What about the first fire? A history channel documentary, the “Ancient Babylon” documentary takes a look at some of the secrets from the Bible.

By recreating some of the supernatural phenomenon, some of the forgotten technologies of the Holy man are again examined and put to the test.

Professors, experts look for modern technology to explain the mysteries of the Bible. Of course, some people may choose to believe in what Bible is stating.

And while some explanations in the documentary are possible and plausible, the explanation for fire is way off. In the end, people believe what they want to believe, and it is up to you to choose what you believe in. However, if you are little intrigued about the possibility of some phenomenon debunked by technology, take a look at the documentary.

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