Anatomy of Sex

Jun 28, 2023 | Social, Videos

Humans are the most successful species on Earth, with a population of over 7 billion people. But why is there such an overwhelming abundance of us? It all comes down to biology and evolution.

The human body is wired in very specific ways for one purpose: To keep the human race going. When two people become attracted to each other, their bodies go through a series of complex chemical and hormonal reactions that set in motion a chain of events leading towards reproduction.

Take orgasm, for example. This crucial sexual response acts as a trigger to release the gametes (sex cells) necessary for conception. Without it, you simply can’t make babies – making humans one of only 3% of mammalian species that require both males and females for successful reproduction.

The evolutionary significance behind our mating rituals goes even deeper when we look at how humans mate differently from the rest of the animal kingdom; front-to-front rather than front-to-back like with other mammals. This has been theorised as a way to create more intimate connections between partners, which increases the chances that both parties will remain together and thus increase the likelihood of successful parenting & offspring survival rates.

This fascinating tale is explored further in [insert documentary title here], which dives into how biological and evolutionary forces drive us to procreate and keep humanity alive. Learn about attraction, mating rituals, orgasm and its consequences for reproduction, and why men & women must work together if we want our species to continue flourishing beyond our lifetime!

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David B