An Open Secret

Jun 21, 2024 | Crime, Social, Videos

An Open Secret is a powerful and gripping documentary that shines a light on the dark, hidden world of child abuse in Hollywood. Directed by Oscar-nominated Amy Berg, this harrowing film is like no other – it gives a voice to those who have suffered in the industry, many of whom are yet to reach legal adulthood. Through five brave young actors who tell their stories, the film paints a devastating portrait of events that occurred within the industry and its exploitation of minors.

The documentary focuses on the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), which was owned by convicted sex offenders. It is alleged to be part of an extensive network involving major figures in Hollywood, and it is not difficult to see why many victims would feel too scared or ashamed to come forward and speak out about their experiences. This makes An Open Secret all the more remarkable – its subjects are bravely vocal about what happened to them during their time in the industry, with some going on camera for the first time ever.

Executive producer Gabe Hoffman has suggested that there may be up to ten times more victims than those featured in the film alone, making it even more important for viewers to watch An Open Secret and understand the gravity of what happened behind closed doors in Hollywood.

This documentary stands as an essential reminder of our duty as individuals and as a society at large: we must always be vigilant against any exploitation of children or vulnerable people, especially within industries which carry significant influence – such as filmmaking and entertainment. As viewers, we have a responsibility to bear witness to these stories; only if we watch can we properly remember those who were most affected by these horrendous events and ensure that they are never forgotten or erased. An Open Secret is an important work of art which should not be ignored; it deserves your attention and deserves justice for its subjects.

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David B