An Insignificant Man

Mar 3, 2024 | Political, Videos

The feature-length documentary An Insignificant Man is a thrilling glimpse into the recently-formed people’s movement in India, and the passionate leader that serves as its face: Arvind Kejriwal. This must-see film offers viewers an intimate look at the grassroots effort to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill, a sweeping piece of legislation which would investigate government corruption and protect citizens from exploitation.

The film follows Kejriwal as he travels across cities to encourage support for his cause from the people. By hearing their grievances on issues such as price gouging and police brutality, he is able to create a strong bond with those who share his vision for a better future. However, it soon becomes clear that another figure has been instrumental in helping this movement succeed: Yogendra Yadav, an experienced strategist who works behind the scenes with great clarity and sophistication. The juxtaposition between Kejriwal’s idealism and Yadav’s political savvy creates an interesting dynamic throughout An Insignificant Man that viewers will be captivated by.

An Insignificant Man does not shy away from the difficult questions surrounding politics; nor does it succumb to cynicism or disillusionment when times get tough. Instead, it captures history in the making, showing us how ordinary people can come together with extraordinary courage to effect real change in their society. So for those seeking insight into one of India’s most exciting political movements in recent memory, An Insignificant Man is essential viewing – don’t miss out!

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David B