Deadliest Roads | Kazakhstan

May 31, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

Nestled in Central Asia, between the Eastern limits of Russia and the vast expanses of China, lies a country like no other: Kazakhstan. From its unpredictable climate, with relentless snowstorms and towering temperatures, to its people, their character adapted to withstand all of nature’s challenges – Kazakhstan is a land forged through struggle.
In search of a deeper understanding of this harsh and untamed landscape, we set out on a journey. Filmed at the backend of winter, our documentary takes us into the center of a snowstorm. Thousands of travelers found themselves caught in an enormous traffic jam, the least fortunate of whom were stuck in the mud, victims of a sudden thaw.
Along the way, we meet farmers and camel breeders who rely on the hostile land for their livelihoods. But this was not always the case. Once, not too long ago, the Aral Sea, the pride of Kazakhstan, was the epicenter of prosperity. Sadly it’s a different story today. Overexploitation of the water during the Soviet period left the sea completely dried out, replaced by a desert made up of sand, salt, and dust that’s toxic to the inhabitants.
Our journey across Kazakhstan is truly extreme, but the people we meet are nothing short of extraordinary. The portraits of the farmers and camel breeders we meet are awe-inspiring, people who never let their struggles crush their spirit or dignity.
Join us on a journey of a lifetime to Kazakhstan and discover the beauty and struggle of this incredible land. Watch our documentary for an experience you’ll never forget.

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David B