America’s War Games

Jun 30, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

The United States is by far the world’s biggest military spender, with an expenditure of $682 billion in 2012. This staggering sum represented 40 percent of the entire global defense budget and was higher than the combined total spent by the next 13 countries in rank.

Given this vast outlay on military activity, many observers have suggested that a ‘peace dividend’ could be realized by cutting America’s defense budget and diverting resources to domestic issues such as tackling economic problems. Although US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has now ended, defense spending remains as high as ever.

However, a new documentary entitled ‘America’s Costs of War’ explores this issue in detail, examining how much money has been expended on warfare and what impact it has had upon American society. Featuring interviews with former service personnel and senior politicians, the film provides a comprehensive overview of how the US has funded its wars since 2001. It also examines how taxpayers are still paying for these conflicts despite them having officially come to an end.

For anyone interested in learning more about America’s costly wars, this documentary provides valuable insight into how huge sums of money have been spent on military activities over the past decade or so. By watching ‘America’s Cost of War’, viewers can gain a greater understanding of the implications of US defense spending and ultimately make up their own minds about whether or not it is justified.

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David B