America’s Surveillance State: The Press versus the NSA | Edward Snowden

Oct 25, 2023 | Activism, Social, Videos

The third episode of this thought-provoking documentary exposes the media’s strategies to report and resist the authoritarian nature of the surveillance state. We witness as the episode unfolds how the NSA instills journalists with paranoia and takes them under the cloud of suspicion that harms their professional integrity. NSA’s one-time whistleblower Edward Snowden sheds light on how policy-based protections are openly flouted as technical systems ingest and collect everyone’s communication – making privacy protection a thing of the past. You read that right! Phone calls, purchases, and books – everything! Which is why whistleblowers, hackers, journalists, and activists are taking up arms together – and getting support worldwide!
Against all odds, the Whistleblowers are fighting back to reclaim their dignity and cement their place as a vital part of our society. The documentary presents a gripping tale of how Whistleblowers are working together and gaining momentum globally to capture the world’s attention. Through their contributions, society is gradually recognizing how their story of defiance is one of the most relevant tales of our times – one that unites us against state-sponsored power plays. Get ready to experience an inspiring story that celebrates the triumphs of resilience!

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David B