America in Color: The 1920s

Jun 25, 2023 | History, Videos

The twenties in America were a time of transformation and progress. The roaring twenties ushered in the modern age, with dramatic advances in technology, industry, and culture. Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry with the assembly line and affordable cars, Charles Lindbergh achieved the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean, and radio unified the nation.

But with progress came peril. Prohibition made Al Capone a celebrity gangster, while the Ku Klux Klan marauded through Washington DC. After 8 years of prosperity came Black Tuesday and the crash of 1929, signaling an end to what was an incredible era.

Now you can experience this era like never before with “The Twenties: In Color”, a brand new documentary available on Netflix! This unique docudrama brings you back in time to witness first hand some of history’s most important moments in vivid color. From Lindbergh’s first flight to Capone’s rise to fame and fortune – it’s all here! Relive one of the most iconic times in American History like never before by watching “The Twenties: In Color” on Netflix today!

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David B