The 12 Best Documentaries About Ford and Henry Ford

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At Ford, innovation and progress have been part of the company’s DNA for over a century. With its renowned vehicles such as the Mustang, F-150, and Bronco, these cars have driven people to take on some of life’s most adventurous moments. But now you can go even further with some of the best documentaries about Ford to explore the history of this iconic brand and its impact on the world. From archival footage to interviews with Ford executives, you can get a deeper look at how Ford has shaped American culture and industry for generations. Whether you’re an enthusiast or just want to learn more about the company, these documentaries will provide an interesting insight into one of America’s most beloved brands. Get ready to buckle up and go for the ride of a lifetime as you explore these must-see documentaries about Ford.


This is a story of a man whose ambition, creativity and tireless dedication changed the way we live forever. His vision to move America from horse and buggy to gasoline engine shook the foundations of the American auto industry and revolutionized what it means to be an individual in modern society. It’s the inspiring story of how Ford’s invention reshaped our view on freedom, possibility and individuality. A reminder of the struggles between labor and management, and how a simple farm boy from Michigan made history with his ambition for greatness.


In 1879, a young boy left his father’s farm in pursuit of the American dream. Little did he know that he would one day revolutionize the automobile industry and become one of the wealthiest men in US history. Detroit was a bustling city at the time; new technologies were allowing for more efficient transportation, but many still preferred to travel by horse-drawn carriages or train. But Henry Ford was determined to create a faster, more reliable mode of transportation – and his vision would soon become reality with the founding of the iconic Ford Motor Company.


The factory in Cologne Niehl is the heart of Ford’s success story. This impressive site, chosen by Henry Ford himself, now pumps out over 1,000 cars a day thanks to its dedicated workforce and 1200 industrial robots. Nestled alongside the Rhine River, it stands as a shining example of modern efficiency. Not only do 18,000 employees keep the facility running like clockwork, but the new cars it produces are exported to over 60 countries around the globe. It’s no wonder that people from all walks of life have come to admire this mini city on the outskirts of Cologne.


In 2018, a monumental car was added to the National Historic Vehicle Register – the Fifteen Millionth Ford Model T. This vehicle marked the long and illustrious history of Ford’s revolutionary car that had become a staple in American history. The historic moment was celebrated with an extensive documenting effort – including laser scanning and photography – to ensure its story would not be forgotten by future generations. The Model T was the manifestation of Henry Ford’s ambition to make automobiles accessible to all – a feat he accomplished through mass production and affordable prices. And after nearly 20 years of production, this pivotal car had made history with its 15 millionth unit being added to the National Historic Vehicle Register in 2018. This remarkable accomplishment was celebrated accordingly, as historians and automotive enthusiasts alike honored the iconic vehicle. The Model T had not only changed the way people traveled but it had also made a lasting impression in American culture that still remains today. As its records are now stored in the Library of Congress for at least 499 years, future generations will be able to appreciate this historic moment for many years to come.


In the late 1920s, Henry Ford had the most powerful business in America, dominating the automotive industry. His offer of excellent wages for hard work drew workers to Detroit, and it seemed like a dream come true. Unfortunately, this dream began to unravel when Ford employed his own private police force, tasked with accelerating production and monitoring employees. After 1929 and the Great Depression, the situation was dire – unemployment skyrocketed and workers had to face a harsh new reality. This period of time ushered in a difficult era which echoed through American history for decades. Fortunately, this wasn’t the end of the story. Ford’s legacy still continues today with their mission of providing affordable vehicles for consumers around the world. The company has become an iconic symbol of American ingenuity and relentless spirit. Whether you’re a fan of the brand or not, it’s impossible to deny the impact that Henry Ford had on our nation. He single-handedly transformed the automotive industry and his legacy lives on in every vehicle.


In 1902, Henry Ford had a vision that would revolutionize the way people got from one point to another. With only $1,000 in his pocket and a drive to create something special, he set out to make the world’s first automobile. After 20 different designs of his Model A car were perfected, he was able to bring automobiles into mainstream society and usher in the Age of Automobiles. His ambition and creativity inspired people around the world, and his legacy is still celebrated today.


The Ford GT returns to Le Mans! After more than 50 years, Ford has made its triumphant return to the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Follow along as we relive the incredible journey in this full-length documentary. From the first test drives at Daytona and Sebring to the final moments of the race, experience every thrilling moment with unparalleled access and an exciting, creative tone. Join us as we explore the details behind the history-making Ford GT and its triumphant return to Le Mans. Feel the tension of race day as drivers battle against each other and against time, and witness every thrilling moment in this full-length documentary.


We specialize in sourcing rare models of classic Ford cars from past decades, and this week we’re highlighting some of our favorites. From the 1950s to the early 2000s, we’ve got a wide selection of cars that offer drivers a unique and creative ride – but these ten cars in particular are a cut above the rest. Take a look at our top picks for the most unusual and unique Ford cars out there – you won’t see these on any other roads! First up is the 1955 Thunderbird, an iconic classic that has graced many car shows over the years. With its sleek lines and distinctive curves, it’s no wonder this car is such a popular choice. Next, we have the 1968 Cougar, another classic that will turn heads everywhere you go. This iconic vehicle has luxurious seating and plenty of power to satisfy any driver. For something a bit more modern, check out the Ford GT40 – an impressive race car from the early 2000s. It has powerful engines and is designed to be aerodynamic so it can really fly on the track. We’ve also got an array of vans from the 1960s and 1970s, such as the Falcon Van – ideal for anyone looking for a vintage look with modern amenities.


Since 1903, five generations of the Ford family have passed down the legacy of their namesake brand. Beginning with Henry Ford’s vision for an affordable car for everyone, the Fords have been at the forefront of innovation and creativity. From Henry’s Model T to today’s hybrid vehicles, every single person from the Ford family has played a part in creating one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in history. The first generation, Henry Ford, had a passion for engineering that drove him to create his revolutionary car designs. His commitment to quality engineering principles was evident throughout all of his work and he set the standard for every future generation of Fords. He believed that a car should not only be reliable, but also affordable. This philosophy laid the foundation for Ford’s success in the automobile industry. The second generation of Fords carried on their father’s innovative spirit and pushed to make vehicles even more reliable and efficient. Henry II, the grandson of founder Henry Ford, introduced new technologies such as fuel injection to improve performance and safety. He also changed the way cars were marketed and helped to expand Ford’s presence around the world. The third generation of Fords focused on creating more environmentally friendly vehicles. William Clay Ford, Henry II’s son, was instrumental in developing hybrid models that combined electric motors with gasoline engines in order to reduce emissions. He also pushed for greater fuel efficiency by reducing the weight of car bodies and making engines more efficient. The fourth generation of Fords took Henry II’s vision for global presence even further by creating a strong foundation for international sales. Under Alan Mulally’s leadership, Ford became the first American company to establish car factories in China. He also spearheaded new technologies such as driverless cars and electric vehicles, helping to create a more sustainable future for the company. The fifth generation of Fords, led by Bill Ford Jr., is focused on creating an even brighter future for Ford. The company’s current CEO, Jim Hackett, has made it his goal to ensure that Ford remains at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. In addition to introducing new technologies such as autonomous driving, Ford also continues to focus on improving the customer experience. From delivering more personalized services to integrating new technologies, the fifth generation of Fords is committed to making sure that their vehicles stay ahead of the curve.


Ford Motor Company, established in 1903, has been a key player in the American and global automotive industry. From its early beginnings as a small-scale manufacturer of cars to its current status as an international juggernaut producing automobiles for every market segment, Ford is a brand that stands for power, performance and quality. The company’s portfolio includes commercial vehicles under the Ford brand, luxury cars under the Lincoln label and SUV’s manufactured by its Brazilian subsidiary, Troller. It also holds stakes in a number of international companies, including Japanese Mazda Motor Corporation, British Aston Martin and Chinese Jiangling Motors Corporation.


Elevating the automotive industry, Henry Ford revolutionized transportation with his creative ingenuity. His company, Ford Motor Company, paved the way for a car-crazed world by introducing affordable cars to average American households. And who could forget about their impressive lineup of renowned brands including Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo? Making it all happen was their assembly line production process – allowing for cars to be mass-produced quickly and at a low price. Ford’s impact on the automotive industry is undeniable, ensuring a smooth road ahead for car fanatics everywhere.


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