The 8 Best Documentaries About Henry II

Dec 4, 2023 | Best Of, History, Political

Henry II was a complex and fascinating figure in history, and his life has been captured through some of the best documentaries ever created. Whether you’re an avid fan of historical films or simply want to learn more about Henry II, these captivating documentaries are sure to charm and educate. Each one brings its own unique perspective on this enigmatic ruler’s life, allowing us to understand his motivations and legacy more deeply. From tales of warfare to personal anecdotes, each film offers a fresh perspective on Henry II’s life. Join us as we explore the top documentaries about this remarkable king!


1. Henry II – The First Plantagenet King Documentary

The captivating life of Henry II, the first Plantagenet King, is a story worth telling. From his turbulent reign to his complicated family dynamics, this documentary captures it all. With its incomparable archival footage and gripping interviews with historians and biographers, the film explores the inner workings of one of England’s most powerful kings. Through historical.


2. Did Henry II Really Murder His Best Friend? | Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty

The legacy of Henry II—Britain’s brutal ruler—is full of questions. Did he really murder his best friend Thomas Becket in a fit of rage? Was it an orchestrated assassination, as some suggest? What else did this complex figure achieve during his reign? Get the answers to these and more by watching some of the most captivating documentaries about Henry II and Britain.


3. King Henry II of England, Life and Death of this Medieval Monarch, Murder, Betrayal and Treachary

King Henry II was a powerful and influential ruler of England during the 12th century. His reign saw many changes to the kingdom, such as the construction of castles and cathedrals, advances in law reforms, and increased trade with other countries. But his rule was not without controversy: during his lifetime he faced numerous betrayals, one of them resulting in his death.


4. Robert Bartlett – Henry II: The First Plantagenet King

Henry II: The First Plantagenet King is a captivating documentary that showcases the life and reign of one of England’s most iconic kings. Directed by Robert Bartlett, this film explores the role Henry II played in unifying England as a nation state. With a focus on key battles and diplomatic successes, viewers learn more about how he contributed to the development of English.


5. A Brief History Of Henry Curtmantle – Henry II of England

Henry Curtmantle, otherwise known as Henry II of England, is one of the most significant individuals in English history. He was born on March 5, 1133 at Le Mans in France and began his reign in 1154. During his lifetime he established strong legal foundations for subsequent monarchs to rule upon which are still in use today.


6. The Real Dynasty That Inspired Game Of Thrones | Henry II

At the center of one of the most popular TV series ever is an ancient and fascinating dynasty. The Game Of Thrones phenomenon has captivated viewers with its larger-than-life characters, stunning visuals, and epic story arcs. Yet few are aware that the show draws its inspiration from a real royal family – the House of Plantagenet. Led by King Henry II.


7. How King Henry III Was Overthrown By His Best Friend | Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty

Henry III was one of the most influential rulers of his era, reigning over England for more than three decades. He was known for many things, including his grand vision and bold ambitions. Though it may have seemed like everything he touched turned to gold, his reign wasn’t without its share of strife and struggle. In fact, Henry’s best friend and advisor eventually overthrew.


8. Henry II: The Rise Of The House Of Plantagenet | Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty

Henry II: The Reign of Britain’s Most Powerful Dynasty | Conquering the Known WorldFor centuries, Britain was a part of Europe’s greatest empires and dynasties. From the Viking rulers of medieval times to the Tudors who left an indelible mark on British history, great families have been at the helm for many generations. However, no family.


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