Amen with a difference and an online blessing

Nov 18, 2023 | Activism, People, Technology, Videos

Pastors Ellen and Stefanie Radtke run a small-town congregation in northern Germany, conducting funerals and confirmations and attending events for seniors. In addition, they are the faces behind the popular YouTube channel “Anders Amen” (Amen with a difference), where they talk about queer sex practices alongside church-related themes, which has earned them a devoted following online.
With their mission to create an inclusive religious community, the Radtkes have set themselves apart from traditional religious leaders who often shy away from discussing sex and sexuality in public. But what sets them apart has also made them a target of criticism from within their own denomination, causing them to struggle with the question of how to reconcile their two roles. The documentary follows the two pastors as they navigate these challenges, exploring the complexities of their relationship with the church and each other, as well as the larger issues of faith, sex, and identity in contemporary Germany.

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David B