Amazing Quest: Stories from the Azores | Somewhere on Earth: The Azores

Oct 19, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Exploring the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, flying above the volcanoes and conquering the mountaintops- Do you want to experience all of these? Then tune into our latest documentary where we delve into the Azores and meet the locals who brave these exhilarating feats!
As we navigate through the beautiful Azores, we discover Mauro, a young sailor from the island of Flores, who battles against the stringent winter storms in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. His bravery is inspiring and his story is worth watching.
The excitement continues as we meet Joao, a sea fanatic, who has now turned into a daring paraglider. He takes us through the breathtaking views from the cliff tops and soaring above the volcanoes.
Finally, we explore Pico island with Nilton, who resides at the roof of the archipelago. From the peak of the mountain, his eyes feast upon the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, taking in the ethereal beauty.
Get ready for an adrenaline rush and a feast for your senses as you watch our documentary on people who are adamant to explore every corner of the beautiful Azores! Watch it now!

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David B