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Aug 31, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Bolivia, a land of volcanoes and tropical jungles, boasts a unique charm that enchants travelers from around the world. The sounds, aromas, and colors all blend seamlessly with the vibrant and welcoming people of Bolivia who are descendants of the ancient Incas.
Erwann Guégan, a Frenchman, has been living in Bolivia for two years and has become deeply committed to a project that aims to construct a landing strip in Maipiri, a small village on the edge of the Amazon Basin. The landing strip will open up the region, enabling medical evacuations, and thus provide the much-needed access to the valleys of the Yungas region. However, at present, visitors can only reach the valley through a steep and twisting road or collective taxis crammed to the limit.
Gabriela Escobar, on the other hand, is an archeology enthusiast who has combined her love of archeology and photography into an enormous project. She travels throughout Bolivia to photograph every archeological site in the country, building up a valuable database for historians worldwide. On her travels, she recaptures the poetry of the books that inspired her in childhood.
The Morales brothers, Miguel, and Diego, share a passion for adventure and have established a company that organizes paragliding flights and mountain treks. Miguel had a serious paragliding accident, and it was only due to Diego’s constant encouragement that he was able to overcome his fears and start flying again. For his comeback flight, the brothers challenge themselves to fly over the vast salt flats of Salar de Uyuni in the far southwest of the country. Through their adventure, they hope to share an unforgettable experience filled with encounters, adventure, and tons of dust.
This documentary showcases the captivating lives of people from different walks of life who share an unending love for Bolivia’s landscapes and the country’s warmth and hospitality. Join us on a journey to the adventures that Bolivia has to offer. Watch this documentary now!

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