Africa’s Cowboy Capitalists

Jun 19, 2023 | Social, Videos

Ian Cox is an ambitious entrepreneur who has made a career out of taking risks and breaking boundaries in the business world. He first made a name for himself by hustling and selling merchandise across Africa, but he truly made his mark when he secured a contract with the United Nations to transport equipment from South Africa to South Sudan in 2012.

This would prove to be one of his greatest accomplishments yet, as navigating through the various checkpoints meant dealing with countless regulations, paperwork, and demanding officials – all while being under an international embargo list. Despite these obstacles, Ian managed to fulfill the contract without any issues.

The story of Ian Cox’s journey is now being immortalized in the documentary Unconquered. The film follows his story from hustler on the streets of Johannesburg to pioneer for UN initiatives in war-torn regions of Africa. Viewers can also expect fascinating accounts from locals that were affected by his work as well as interviews with some of those involved in transporting equipment.

Unconquered is the perfect documentary for anyone looking to learn more about African culture and commerce, or simply looking for an inspiring story about defying odds and achieving success against all odds. A must-watch for entrepreneurs, dreamers, and adventurers alike – don’t miss out on this compelling tale!

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David B