Giant Luxury Shuttle Service for Superyachts | Mega Transports

Jun 3, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The luxuries of the world’s wealthiest people know no bounds. Transporting their multimillion-dollar yachts across oceans to vacation paradises is no exception. But simply sailing across the open sea is just not an option. The Yacht Express, a specialized transport ship owned by Sevenstar Yacht Transport, is the answer.
The cargo on this mega transporter is worth an astounding $188 million, consisting of 10 of the most exclusive superyachts out there. The transport has an Atlantic crossing ahead with a challenging route starting from Port Everglades, Florida over the straits of Gibraltar to Genua, Italy.
MEGA TRANSPORTS captures this epic journey, showcasing the intricate process of how 10 superyachts are loaded and carried via the “Float-on-Float-off” (FLO/FLO) technique. The semi-submersible yacht carrier offers a safe transport, allowing the yachts to float on the submerged deck. Expert divers work under pressure, using special cradle systems to stabilize and secure the precious cargo.
Despite all the challenges, the captain safely monitors the wind, weather, and waves along the way to ensure the yachts arrive at their destination unscathed. These luxury liners need to be handled with velvet gloves, requiring mechanics, divers, and logistics specialists to be attached during the journey.
The MEGA TRANSPORTS episode recounts the Atlantic crossing of the Yacht Express, with all its challenges and highlights, encountering rough waves and precipitous weather conditions. Watch and experience this awe-inspiring documentary that encapsulates the effort and precision that goes into transporting these exclusive superyachts safely across oceans.

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David B