Afghanistan: Helping drug addicts

Sep 27, 2023 | Drugs, People, Social, Videos

In this compelling documentary, viewers are introduced to Laila Haidari, a woman who returned to her home country of Afghanistan after a long time overseas, only to find her brother strung out on drugs, living with other addicts under a bridge. In an effort to help him and others struggling with addiction, Haidari founded a rehabilitation facility aptly named the “Mother Camp”. Despite the center’s small budget, it serves as an important space for addicts to connect and receive support from others.
Through her tireless efforts, Haidari’s “Mother Camp” has become an incredible success in Afghanistan, a country where state-run rehabilitation centers are few and far between. With the help of a restaurant that Haidari manages, she has been able to provide recovered addicts with a path forward. However, as Western troops begin to withdraw from the region, Haidari is worried about the future of the freedoms that women and others have enjoyed over the past two decades. Don’t miss this inspiring and thought-provoking film about a woman’s determination to help others in a challenging and uncertain time.

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David B