A school for Russia’s young offenders

Jun 1, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In the secluded Urals, there is a facility where juvenile offenders are sent for re-education. Boys who have come from troubled backgrounds with criminal histories of theft, assault, drug dealing, and even murder, all housed together in a boarding school in the village of Serafimovka. They are here to be rehabilitated, to be molded into better versions of themselves than the lawless beings they once were. But how does one re-educate those who have already been failed by society and the people around them?
For most, it takes about two years of discipline and kindness from the school’s staff, who often stand in place of the boys’ broken families. Surrounded by nature and a rigid daily routine, the boys learn how to trust one another as they are pushed to their mental and physical limits. The boarding school serves as a last resort for those deemed fit for rehabilitation, but will it be enough to turn their lives around? Join Juri Rescheto in this compelling documentary, as he reveals the truth behind the boys of Serafimovka, a new generation who have the chance at a second life.

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David B