A lawyer fights for rights in India-administered Kashmir

Oct 27, 2023 | Justice, People, Social, Videos

The documentary, “Mir Urfi: The Kashmiri Lawyer Fighting for Justice,” introduces viewers to the inspiring story of Mir Urfi, a human rights lawyer who puts her life at risk to help detainees in the conflict-ridden region of Kashmir. The region, which has been claimed by both India and neighboring Pakistan for over seven decades, has been a constant source of tension between the two nuclear powers.
Despite the risks, Mir Urfi refuses to back down from her mission to help those wrongfully imprisoned. Her story unfolds against the backdrop of massive military deployment and protests against the Indian government’s role, which have resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of demonstrators. As viewers witness the fearless and unwavering determination that drives Mir Urfi, they’ll come to understand just how complex the issues in Kashmir really are. Don’t miss “Mir Urfi: The Kashmiri Lawyer Fighting for Justice” – a moving and unforgettable exploration of one woman’s courage in the face of adversity.

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David B