A Kid’s Game: The Story of Online Poker

Jun 21, 2023 | Lifestyle, Sports, Technology, Videos

Bluefirepoker is proud to present A Kid’s Game: The Story of Online Poker. This documentary delves into the lives of professional poker players, exploring aspects of their daily life that may be unknown or misunderstood by outsiders. From the most money won/lost in a day to how they deal with big losses, this film provides an in-depth and honest look into the world of competitive poker.

The documentary features some of the most well-known professionals in the game, including Andrew “Good2cu” Robl, Peter “Apathy” Jetten, Di “Urindanger” and Hac “Trex313” Dang, Thuy “Shesnogood” Doan, Martin “DrGiggy” Fournier Giguère, Alec “Traheho” Torelli, Ike “luvthewnba” Haxton, Shaun “tedsfishfry” Deeb, EmpireMaker2 and more! Viewers will gain valuable insight from hearing these stories and perspectives first hand.

At each step along the journey through professional poker playing careers highlighted in A Kid’s Game: The Story of Online Poker, you will also get a glimpse into what friends and family think about those who gamble for a living. It’s an intriguing topic that this documentary tackles with sensitivity and honesty.

If you are at all interested in the world of professional poker or strive to gain a better understanding of those who play it professionally then this is a must see documentary. Bluefirepoker’s A Kid’s Game: The Story of Online Poker offers an inside look at what it takes to make it as a pro player – something that can’t be found anywhere else!

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