A Ghost Village in Calabria

Nov 2, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, Nature, People, Videos

The picturesque village of Pentedattilo, located in the southern region of Italy, is an abandoned ghost town. For forty years Rossella Aquilanti has called this empty paradise her home and she tends to a small herd of goats as her only company. But two years ago, her solitude was broken when a young Malian man named Maka Tounkara crossed the Mediterranean by boat to join her in preserving this unique place from being swallowed up by destruction.

Together they are using their individual talents and experiences to help bring life back into Pentedattilo. Rossella’s knowledge of farming and animal husbandry has made it possible for there to be sustenance in the village once more, while Maka displays his passion for music through his rap performances on the streets during festivals. The two have managed to create a strong bond that has grown into something far greater than just friendship.

Their story is so inspiring that French film director Nathanael Coste created a documentary about their journey called ‘Paradise’. The film follows their progress as they work together to restore the beauty of Pentedattilo by repainting buildings, planting gardens and leading tours around the village. Not only does this documentary showcase Rossella and Maka’s struggle against all odds, but it also presents us with a glimpse into the colorful personalities of those who call Pentedattilo home.

We can all learn so much from these two brave individuals who are determined to make a difference in this forgotten village. ‘Paradise’ is not only an inspiring story but also an informative look at what people from different cultures can achieve when they come together with passion and purpose. So if you’re looking for something uplifting and thought-provoking, why not take some time out and watch ‘Paradise’? It may just be the perfect

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