A Day in The Life of a Dictator: Joseph Stalin

May 31, 2023 | People, Videos

Joseph Stalin was a ruthless dictator who sought absolute power over the Soviet Union. His reign of terror started in November 1938 when he ordered the Great Purge, resulting in the extermination of those who opposed him and his beliefs. This horrific event is documented in the documentary “November 24th, 1938”, which tells the story of how Stalin’s power grew as he set about re-making the vast empire into his own image.

Stalin kept tight control of information and communication within the Soviet Union by using fear tactics to keep people in line. He also enforced strict censorship laws and forced labour camps for those deemed dangerous or politically incorrect. The documentary follows these events as it covers a crucial day that changed the course of history forever.

The Great Purge resulted in millions of deaths, with estimates ranging from 800,000 to 10 million people killed or exiled due to Stalin’s regime. It was an atrocious period in history and a reminder of what unchecked power can do. “November 24th, 1938” takes viewers back to this dark time and shows just how far tyranny can reach if left unchecked.

Anyone interested in learning more about this truly tragic part of history should watch “November 24th, 1938”. It is an insightful exploration into one man’s ambitions for absolute power that comes with a heavy reminder: unchecked power can lead to great destruction and loss of life.

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David B