The Tyranny Of The Boy King Richard II | Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty

Jul 16, 2022 | History, Videos

King Richard II is part of one of the bloodiest dynasties in British history. Many historians and scholars agree that his ruling contributed vastly to the infamous War of the Roses. And as we know it, Game of Thrones is largely based on this part of history.
Richard could not settle conflicts among his own knights. He taxed his people unfairly and seized land belonging to other nobles, such as Henry.
His reputation has been shaped to a large extend by the play Richard II by William Shakespeare. In it, the writer portrayed Richard’s misrule and his deposition main reason for the 15th century War of the Roses.
By 1389, Richard gained control of the country, and for the next eight years he governed in relative harmony. But in 1397, he took his revenge on the Appellants, many of whom were executed or exiled.
Historians describe the next two years of his rule as tyranny and some of the bloodiest periods in history.

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Riyan H.