10 Rules For Dealing With Police

Jun 12, 2023 | Social, Videos

Do you know your rights if you are stopped by police? Knowledge of these rights can be the difference between a safe encounter and serious consequences. 10 Rules for Dealing with Police is an insightful docudrama film that explores the heavy-handed policing tactics used daily in the United States and provides survival strategies for dealing with racial profiling and police abuse.

This entertaining yet informative 40 minute film was created through extensive collaboration with victims of police abuse, legal attorneys, and law enforcement professionals. It offers an honest look at situations where innocent people are faced with intrusive questions and excessive force. Through compelling stories, viewers will learn how to best handle a police encounter – from understanding when to remain silent or provide identification, to knowing the laws around search and seizure.

10 Rules for Dealing with Police details real-life scenarios experienced by victims of police encounters and offers strategies to protect your rights. The film emphasizes preventative measures such as being aware of your surroundings, staying calm, remaining polite, and speaking up when appropriate. It also speaks to what actions should be taken after an incident has occurred – such as filing a complaint or consulting legal counsel – to ensure the protection of civil liberties.

The true value of this documentary lies in its ability to teach viewers practical steps that can be taken before, during, and after a police encounter. 10 Rules for Dealing with Police is essential viewing for anyone who wants to be prepared in case they ever find themselves face-to-face with law enforcement officials – it could save both time and trouble down the road!

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David B