10 Days in North Korea

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The irony with North Korea is that the official name of the country is “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. And while the name might suggests otherwise, the country is actually the world’s most closed-off country, with critics regarding it as totalitarian dictatorship.

There are rules for what citizens are allowed to see, which books they can read, and the rules apply even to the type of hairstyle you can wear. International organizations are constantly addressing the human rights violations in the country.

And while the Western World is trying to show people what is happening in the country, nothing is more plastic and appropriate as a trip to North Korea.

In November 2014, a team went to North Korea and spent 10 days in the country, trying to fully understand what is happening.

Take a look at what is happening in the closed-off country, but also ask yourself, are they doing better than the rest of the world? Unlike rest of the world, levels of depression and anxiety are down. One might say that we cannot and don’t know how to physically limit ourselves, and government issued limits might be a good thing.

But after all, don’t you at least deserve to know the age of your leader? People in North Korea don’t, as the age of their leader KimJong-un is a mystery.

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