Oct 23, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The feature-length documentary TempleOS tells the remarkable story of programmer Terry A. Davis and his singular creation – a unique operating system which he devoted a decade of life to completing. This ambitious undertaking was inspired by Davis’ own religious convictions, as the system was intended to be a representation of God’s prophesied third temple in the Bible.

Sadly, concern for Davis’ mental health slowly overshadowed his work, leading him into an unfortunate downward spiral until his ultimate, untimely death. Through interviews with those who knew him best and unprecedented access to his personal archive, TempleOS takes a deep dive into the mind of its creator and reveals a complex story of faith, idolatry and redemption.

This is both a deeply moving tale and an insight into how technology can be used to express higher ideals. The film itself is presented through captivating visuals and thoughtful editing that brings the audience closer to understanding this enigmatic figure. It leaves us with profound questions about what it means to be an artist in pursuit of their passion.

We highly recommend TempleOS for anyone looking for an inspiring documentary that provides meaningful reflections on faith, creativity and life itself; one that will stay with you long after watching it.

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David B