Silicon Valley’s Online Slave Market

Mar 6, 2024 | Technology, Videos

The internet has certainly been an incredible tool for mankind, allowing us to connect and share information with unprecedented speed and efficiency. It has revolutionized almost every field from healthcare to industry, guiding us to greater levels of success than ever before. Unfortunately, the dark side of the internet also exists, one which sees tech giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook-owned Instagram providing a platform for an illegal online slave market in the Gulf.

In a recent documentary entitled ‘Slave Markets of Qatar’, filmmaker Ewa Jasiewicz provides shocking insight into this exploitative industry. Interviewing both victims of trafficking as well as employers actively engaging in illegal activity, Jasiewicz sheds light on the extreme human rights abuses occurring in plain sight. From domestic workers promised high salaries only to be treated like prisoners once they arrive in Qatar, through to employers who openly brag about their ability to buy and sell people with impunity — it’s a harrowing journey that illustrates just how broken our global system really is.

Through her investigations Jasiewicz uncovers evidence of apps specifically designed for buying and selling humans like cattle — all approved by tech giants such as Apple and Google Play Store. Not only do these companies fail to take action against traffickers when reported, but they even go as far as profiting off the advertisement revenue generated by these apps!

When people think of modern day slavery they often assume that it is something that only occurs in distant nations — rarely giving any thought to its presence closer home. However ‘Slave Markets of Qatar’ proves otherwise; demonstrating how our reliance on digital technology can be twisted and exploited by those willing to turn a blind eye to morality for their own benefit. We need only look at what happened in Qatar to realise that this sort of thing can occur almost anywhere given the right circumstances.

We urge anyone with an interest in human rights issues or understanding more about modern day slavery watch ‘Slave Markets of Qatar’. It’s a confronting documentary which forces us out of our comfort zone — but we must face these challenges head on if we are ever going to put an end to them once and for all!

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David B