The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Nov 20, 2023 | Social, Videos

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan is an important documentary that sheds light on the heartbreaking practice of Bacha Bazi. This troubling system involves boys as young as nine being sold to warlords and wealthy businessmen in Afghanistan, where they are trained to dance and perform for male audiences while wearing female clothing. The worst part of this is that these boys are then often used and traded for sex. Unfortunately, this abhorrent practice is making a resurgence in the country.

It’s essential that people become aware of the situation in Afghanistan and what’s happening there. Watching The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan can help bring attention to the Bacha Bazi system and its devastating effects on so many innocent children. The documentary follows four Afghan boys, showing their lives under Taliban rule and how they have been tortured and abused by those exploiting them. It features heartbreaking interviews with family members, victims, and activists, who all share their stories about this terrible system.

It’s essential that more people learn about this issue in order to encourage action against it. By watching The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, viewers will gain insight into this widespread problem—and be inspired to take action against it. This documentary will certainly give us all an even deeper understanding about the struggle so many children face every day in Afghanistan—and hopefully inspire us to demand justice for them.

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David B