Sex for Grades

Mar 4, 2024 | Social, Videos

The BBC Africa Eye documentary, Sex for Grades, takes an in-depth look at the long-standing problem of sexual harassment by lecturers and professors in universities in Nigeria and Ghana. Repoter Kiki Mordi, a 28 year old woman who was unable to complete her studies due to her professor’s sexual advances, leads viewers through the dark tale of abuse and power imbalance that has been occurring in these institutions for decades.

Kiki’s experiences with this issue allow her to show viewers how common such interactions are within higher education. She dives into stories from students who have had their grades withheld or have been forced into silence after being propositioned by university staff members. Additionally, she speaks with professors who openly admit to using their positions of power as leverage over their students.

This powerful documentary is essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding the lasting effects of sexual harassment on those affected–especially young women seeking higher education opportunities. It’s also essential viewing for those looking to understand the larger implications of these power imbalances that exist within university systems across Nigeria and Ghana.

If you’re looking for a captivating yet heartbreaking story told through personal accounts and interviews, then Sex for Grades will be sure to keep you glued to your screen throughout its runtime. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening documentary about an issue that continues to plague universities in Nigeria and Ghana even today.

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David B