Megacity Mumbai: From Slums to Skyscrapers

May 21, 2024 | Social, Videos

The documentary follows a mother and her two daughters as they navigate their way through life following the death of their father. By examining their individual experiences from different angles, viewers gain insight into the grieving process as well as how individuals can cope with tragedy. With expert interviews from psychologists and scientists, we get an in-depth look into how grief manifests itself and how people can learn to manage it.

The film also shines light on how mental health issues are often overlooked or ignored in our society. We see firsthand how common it is for those who are struggling with depression or anxiety to not receive the help they need until it is too late. This heartbreaking reality is one that has become all too familiar during these trying times, making this film especially relevant and powerful for today’s audience.

“On” is not only an emotionally gripping piece of art but also an important reminder that we must pay attention to signs of mental distress around us before it is too late. If you feel like you need help or know someone who does, please reach out for support. And if you are looking for more information about mental health issues,e of the most densely populated cities globally is the Indian city of Mumbai. Due to the growing number of people living in Mumbai – at this writing, the official number stands at 20 million people and counting – space is quickly running out. The solution, of course, is to build up, and today, there are hundreds of high-rise construction sites being built all over the city.

Almost all of them are luxury apartments for the super-rich and the upwardly mobile members of its population.


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David B