Selling the Girl Next Door

Sep 15, 2023 | Sexuality, Videos

Men are renting girls barely in their teens on the Internet. The oldest profession is quickly moving off of the boulevards and onto the Internet, and the girls are getting younger and younger. This is how the girls get literally sold nowadays. Most of the “action” is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada where thirty

Underage girls are frequently bargained, bought and sold for the enjoyment of grown men. And every year, hundreds end up in a juvenile detention facility. 13-year-old Salina is just another teenage girl next door converted into commodity, sold by pimps, used by men. She was detained in a casino by undercover police and locked up. Salina is a sex-trafficking victim, not a felon, but like most teenage girls who are prostituting she has a history of problems at home. And that’s a very hazardous thing across America where sex dealers and predators are always on a lookout for girls who are out on the streets alone. In the detention facility, at least, she’s safe.

When Salina moved in Las Vegas with her mother she started running away. They reside in the outskirts of Las Vegas and Salina’s mother is working as a middle school teacher. Salina went to therapist, received a tough love, but nothing has delivered positive results. It’s almost certain that if she returns home again she’ll run. Salina was sold by a couple through an online classified website ( for a rate of $300 an hour, $150 for the half.

There are many girls just like Salina all over America and for the first time in the very long history of

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David B