Red Light Blues

Aug 12, 2023 | Sexuality, Videos

The documentary Red Light Blues offers an in-depth look into the turbulent life of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, one of Europe’s most notoriously iconic places. Through the lens of former sex worker and current director of the Prostitution Information Center, Mariska Majoor (37), viewers will explore the nuances and consequences of radical changes that are threatening to close down the district for good.

The film begins with Majoor’s Open Day event, a gathering which pays homage to the district as a place of hope and solace for those who inhabit it. This act of celebration starkly contrasts to what is taking place in the political arena; business people and politicians alike are calling for its closure due to moralistic reasons.

Lingering questions about the future remain: what will happen to those living and working in this area? How can they be protected from being exploited? How can they continue their livelihoods? However, these questions only scratch the surface; there are deeper issues at hand that will arise from this potential closure which reaches beyond Amsterdam city limits.

Red Light Blues invites viewers on a journey through both sides of this complex situation, revealing why this district is so special and how it is worth fighting for. With an up-close-and-personal look into Majoor’s world, audiences will gain insight into why preserving this part of history is essential – even if it means adapting to change along the way.

For a unique perspective on one of Europe’s oldest cities, Red Light Blues offers a captivating visual exploration inviting all viewers to see what lies beyond its red-lighted windows. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening documentary – experience it for yourself now!

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David B