The Brain: A Secret History

Apr 3, 2024 | Science, Videos

In his fascinating and thought-provoking documentary series, Dr Michael Mosley uncovers the shocking history of experimental psychology. Experiments of all kinds have been conducted on humans throughout the twentieth century, often for dubious reasons. From scientists testing the effects of drugs and alcohol on unsuspecting individuals to those studying how we form memories and retain information, these experiments have often gone too far.

The six-part series looks closely at some of the most infamous experiments ever performed, as well as the ethical implications that come with it. With interviews from leading experts in neuroscience, medicine, and ethics, viewers are presented with a comprehensive overview of this troubling topic.

It’s not just a story about past transgressions however; Dr Mosley also looks at how far experimental psychology has progressed since then; examining current methods for understanding human behavior, memory formation and more. This is a must-watch TV event for anyone interested in learning more about this controversial field.

For those looking for an enlightening yet sobering look into the world of experimental psychology, Dr Michael Mosley’s new series is unmissable viewing. The show tackles difficult questions surrounding how far science should go when experimenting on humans while providing an engaging exploration into our memories and mindsets. Don’t hesitate to watch this incredible documentary; you won’t regret it!

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David B