EU-China Summit: The Psychology of War

Jun 5, 2023 | Economics, Media, Military/War, Political, Videos

The European Union and China recently held a summit in April to discuss the complex ties between Moscow and Beijing. At the heart of the discussion was the question of the Sino-European Investment Agreement, which has been suspended since May 2021. This agreement had sought to improve economic cooperation between China and Europe, but progress has been slow amid rising tensions between both sides.

In addition to tackling economic issues, another pressing matter discussed at the summit was Lithuania’s decision to grant Taiwan a representative office in Vilnius under the name Taiwan. This move has not been welcomed by Chinese authorities, who view it as a direct challenge to their sovereignty claims over Taiwan.

The summit provided an opportunity for both sides to express their views on these matters, though it remains unclear whether any real resolution will be reached anytime soon. To better understand this complex geopolitical environment and its implications for global politics, viewers are encouraged to watch the insightful documentary “A Bridge Between East & West: The EU & China”. This film introduces audiences to key players in this diplomatic drama and examines how their decisions have shaped relations between Europe and China over the past decade. Through engaging interviews with experts from both sides as well as compelling archival footage, this documentary provides an inside look into one of today’s most important geopolitical struggles.

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David B