Supernatural Science: Previous Lives

Oct 28, 2023 | Science, Videos

Reincarnation is an ancient belief held by millions of people around the world. It posits that human souls pass through multiple lifetimes, and may carry memories from their earlier lives. But is there any proof that this really happens?

Recent research has begun to delve further into the possibility of reincarnation, with therapies encouraging individuals to relive traumatic moments from their previous existences. The documentary ‘Exploring Reincarnation’ delves into these possibilities, offering a unique insight into this fascinating phenomenon.

The documentary follows two individuals who have vivid memories of past lives – one of them recalling intense trauma from her supposed death at the hands of a soldier during the Vietnam War. Through delving deeper into their experiences, we gain a better understanding of how reincarnation works and why some people believe they are living multiple lives at once.

We also hear from experts who provide us with further facts and evidence about reincarnation: exploring its impact on our cultures and beliefs systems, as well as its potential implications for our spiritual growth. The film offers detailed accounts from believers in numerous different religions and countries, giving us an even greater overview of this overlooked topic.

Overall, this documentary provides an engaging look at what could be considered a taboo subject: allowing viewers to expand their knowledge about an ancient belief system that still holds true today. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting to watch – or just want to learn more about reincarnation – then make sure you don’t miss out on ‘Exploring Reincarnation’.

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David B