Zeitgeist Refuted

Feb 28, 2024 | Religion, Videos

The documentary “Christianity and the Ancient Mysteries” explores a controversial idea–that early Christianity was heavily influenced by ancient mystery religions. However, even secular scholars have largely dismissed this claim. Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard, an esteemed British social anthropologist, wrote in his book Theories of Primitive Religion that “the evidence for this theory… is negligible.” In other words, there simply isn’t much to support the notion that Christian teachings were borrowed from the mysteries.

This documentary takes a closer look at the various similarities between Christianity and the ancient mysteries, and attempts to explain why they may be related. The filmmakers travel around the world to investigate compelling evidence of early Christian influences on the mysteries. They visit Greece, Egypt and Rome to discuss how some of these traditions could have been passed down through generations and influenced Christian thought and practice.

Viewers will be taken on a journey into some of the most important moments in religious history as they explore these connections further. Along with interviews with leading experts in the field, viewers will see rare artifacts from antiquity that help make sense of these ancient mysteries’ influence on Christianity today.

This intriguing documentary offers invaluable insight into one of the most debated topics in religious studies–was early Christianity shaped by its ancient mystery predecessors? To learn more about this potentially groundbreaking hypothesis, watch “Christianity and the Ancient Mysteries”. This captivating film is sure to provide viewers with a unique perspective on one of history’s most contested issues.

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David B