Who Wrote the Bible Documentary

Jun 5, 2024 | Religion, Videos

The Bible is a revered spiritual text to many, but who were the original authors of this ancient and sacred text? This is the question that Channel 4’s new documentary, “Who Wrote the Bible?”, seeks to answer. Hosted by Dr Robert Beckford, the two-hour special unlocks secrets about the Bible’s authorship that hasn’t been touched upon before.

The documentary begins with powerful images of George Bush and Osama Bin Laden; religious faith is revealed as a major factor in our global news cycle today. The film then follows Dr Beckford on his mission to uncover more information about who wrote the Bible. He talks to some of the world’s leading experts in religious history and puts forward theories as to how this book was put together thousands of years ago. But he doesn’t just settle for secondhand knowledge – viewers will also get an exclusive look at newly found artifacts from biblical times which help us understand more about its authorship.

This eye-opening journey into religious history has something for everyone – those fascinated by religion, those curious about archaeological evidence, or anyone interested in getting an in-depth understanding of one of our oldest books. It provides insight into how religions developed over time and why certain texts have been so influential over generations.

Discover the fascinating truth behind one of our world’s most renowned books when you watch “Who Wrote The Bible?” on Channel 4 tonight – don’t miss it!

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David B